Ice Machines

American Services is a full service Ice Machine Repair and Installation company. We provide professional Ice Machine Repair service and quality workmanship at a fair price. Not only do we work on cubed ice machines, crushed ice, and flakers but we service ALL makes and models. We will exceed all your expectations and prove that “a good mechanic is worth his weight in gold”.

Our skilled Ice Machine Repair technicians have been trained and have the Ice Machine Repair experience to handle any size job, big or small. American Services offers 24-hour emergency Ice Machine Repair services 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our technicians are just one of our greatest assets. They have tremendous field experience and excellent communication skills.

Ice Machine Planned Maintenance

By definition, Planned Maintenance is a proactive strategic service program designed to maximize equipment performance over its entire life cycle, which ultimately contributes to your bottom line. American Services Planned Maintenance (PM) accomplishes this by ensuring specification compliance and proactively identifying potential performance issues that can be corrected before they cause interruptions.

Cleaning your ice maker is essential to its proper operation and long life. American Services offers a preventive maintenance and cleaning service for your ice maker to keep things running smoothly to ensure you’re never serving contaminated ice. Your ice machine needs to be completely broken down and cleaned at minimum once per year. If you have hard water or a machine with heavy usage you may need to clean it more often. Let American Services customize a preventive maintenance plan for your business.

The key benefits of developing a Preventative Maintenance program include:

  • Maximizing equipment performance and reducing downtime
  • Reducing repair costs over the equipment’s life cycle
  • Allowing service calls to be budgeted evenly over time
  • Helping assure manufacturer warranty
  • Reduces formation of lime/scale and mineral build up.

Water Filtration Systems

Over 60% of ice machine maintenance calls are water-related! A water filtration system designed exclusively for ice machine applications will reduce occurrences. Other benefits of water filtration for your ice maker are better taste, no odor, and reduction of the growth of bacteria, mold and algae.